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Tamara R. Hudson, the Philadelphia native began to show her leadership qualities and vocal abilities at an early age. This talented young girl has since evolved into an author, a recording artist who has traveled the world, a talk-show host, a reality tv star, an entrepreneur, and most of all a mother. Being gifted and blessed with so many skills, she coined this phrase to describe herself. She boldly exclaims “I am a Walking Empire….. I am not a Person, I am an Experience. I don’t just meet people, I happen to them. I am more than a Woman, I am a World”.

She is dedicated, energetic, ambitious, and a Star that keeps soaring and shining bright. Determined to complete and fulfill her God-given Destiny & Life’s assignment, she lets nothing get in her way.   

Her life story is compelling, her abilities are endless, her tenacity is ferocious, her passion is undying, her resilience is radiant and her faith is fierce. This unstoppable, unforgettable, one of a kind “Lady”, a name which she is still affectionately referred to by many, has chosen to see through an optimistic view of life. She has dedicated her life to helping others see the same. These views are outlined in her book Language of Life Vol. I ~ A Universal Dialect, penned in 2017 and discussed in depth and detail on her internet talk-show “Language of Life – LIVE”. She plans to go Global with her message that your “Outlook determines your Outcome”. What you think and say, you become!

Tamara has also begun working on a solo music project where she will be writing most of her own material to be released later this year and Vol. II of Language of Life ~ A Universal Dialect, will be released in the Spring of 2018. 






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the language

of life

Vol. 1

The Language of Life Book Vol. I ~ A Universal Dialect was inspired by the author’s desire to post daily quotes referenced at one point as “Ladyisms”, which helped her facilitate motivation, inspiration and truth at the beginning or throughout the day for her social media audience. Due to the overwhelming responses, gratitude for her daily inspiration and many requests to capture her uplifting motivational aura in writing, Tamara R. Hudson has finally penned her first book geared solely to help uplift the world.



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Summer in the City

Summer in the City

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